Below are some Videos of the fun we get up to at Pony Music. 


Pony Music teamed up with "Guitar Gods and Masterpieces" to bring you our

"Guitar Gods LIVE @ Pony Music" sessions. 

The idea behind these sessions was to promote some awesome local talent with a "live in the studio" vibe. 
One take, no overdubs, real musicians playing live in the studio. 
These videos appeared on the "Guitar Gods and Masterpieces" TV show
 which was shown Australia wide on public TV 
(Melbourne = Channel 31 - Digital 44). 

Below are some of the highlights from this series and other videos of the fun we have at Pony Music.


You can see more Pony Music video clips on our YouTube page

Lloyd Spiegel 'If I Killed You When I Met You"

Nick Charles "Sleepwalk"

Mike Elrington 'Better Days'

Altamira - 'Hookers For Jesus'

DEFRYME 'Sanity'

Racer Axe - "Motor Man"

Sergio Ercole "Recuerdos de la Alhambra"

Michael Angelo Batio

Toehider - "You and I Both Lose But 5 Wins"

Jeff Lang "Pull Of The Drift"

Peta Evans-Taylor Band

Quinn (Defryme): "Killfingers / Bitterful Medley"

Danny Stain Trio "Old Songs Never Die"

Sergio Ercole - Classical Guitarist

RACER AXE "Scarified"

Comparing new and old Ludwig snare drums.

Rusty from Electric Mary "Gasoline & Guns"

Rusty (Electric Mary) "Sorry Baby"

Nathan Varga - "Genesis 28"

The Need "She Always Knows"