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Showcase Your Talent With A Recording Session At Pony Music

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Do you have a song (or maybe several) that you’re just dying to record? Have you been looking for a state of the art music recording studio in Melbourne that is perfect for bringing your music to life? Pony Music is the place for you! We’re proud to offer our customers a sizeable recording studio that contains everything you need to produce your next hit. Learn more about it below. 


Everything You Need To Know About Our Music Recording Studio

We aren’t like other recording studios for hire in Melbourne. Firstly, we understand that it can be difficult to get your music heard, so we’ve made sure to equip our music studio with state of the art technology and equipment so you can finetune your art as you go. Our recording studio has recently undergone a refurbishment, making the space friendly and flexible as a means to accommodate anyone’s needs. We have several Pre Amps to choose from and three Lynx Aurora converters, the specs of which can be found below. The Midas Venice 320 is the centrepiece of the studio, offering a cocktail of new and old to help capture the essence of your art. And if it’s your first time recording, we’re here to help, lending our in-house engineers’ hand to make sure your session runs as smoothly as possible. Studio rates can be found at the bottom of this page. 



How To Prepare For Your Recording Session At Pony Music

Writing and performing music is already stressful enough. But don’t worry because we’re here to take some of the pressure off. Below are some tips to help you get ready for your recording session at Pony Music: 


Creative Ways To Promote Your Music

Getting your name out there can be difficult, but we at Pony Music have seen musicians come and go. During that time, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that just might help you get your music career off the ground. Check them out below:


If You’re A Creative Looking For A Standout Music Recording Studio In Melbourne, Look No Further Than Pony Music

Pony Music has been operating in Melbourne for over two decades. Founded in 1997, Pony Music isn’t your typical music store. We are your one-stop-shop for all your music and instrument needs. Offering everything from a recording studio, rehearsal rooms, music lessons and even PA and production hire, we’re proud to provide you with premium products and services at competitive prices. But more than our goods and services, we’re experienced music buffs who love what we do. So whether you’re after a new or used instrument, repairs, or just want to chat with a like-minded individual who shares your passion for music, you can count on our knowledgeable team to provide you with all your musical needs. Contact the music experts at Pony Music today!