Welcome to our Recording Studio!

Recording Studio

We are very excited to show you our newly re-furbished studio. We have designed a space to create, utilising a blend of old and new technology, to capture more than just the raw audio. We believe in offering a space that is open, friendly and flexible, so you can focus on what really matters and that is the creation of amazing art.

The Desk

  The Desk

The Midas Venice 320 with 24 original Midas pre-amps & channel strips forms the centre-piece of our studio.

Need more Pre Amps?

Recording Studio

We have the following 500 series Pre Amps to choose from;

2 x BAE 1073 MPL, 2 x Cranborne Audio Camden 500 & 2 x SSL VHD+, along with a selection of other boutique pre-amps.  There is also an extensive selection of other out-board gear, with a range of compressors and classic multi-effects units to choose from to help you expand your audio colour palette.

What about our converters?


We have you covered with three Lynx Aurora 16 converters, providing an amazing 48 simultaneous input/output channels, giving you the ultimate amount of flexibilty and the capability to handle even the most challenging multi-track recording projects.

These converters plug into our Apple Mac powered ProTools Ultimate work environment via an AVID HD Native setup. Book your recording project today if this sounds appealing!

Studio Rates

Feel free to give us a call and have a chat. We are here to help.
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