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Shaping The Future Of Today’s Musos

If you and your band need a premium rehearsal studio in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Our rehearsal studios contains state of the art equipment which you can use to really find your sound; your muse; your future number one. Whatever it may be, our rehearsal studios are a safe space for you to get creative and work on honing your musical abilities. But what makes them so special? We’re glad you asked. See below for more reasons Melbourne’s musos are rehearsing at Pony Music. 

For Booking, please call us on 03 9702 3244

Pony Music’s Band Rehearsal Rooms In Melbourne: A Little Something For Everyone

When it comes to creating safe and versatile band practice rooms in Melbourne, we’ve thought of it all. Not only have we made sure to soundproof and optimise for acoustics, but each practice room is big enough for 4-6 member bands. We also understand that you might have a busy schedule, so we’ve made our rehearsal space available to customers both during the day and at night. And because we know just how hot you might get making music, each rehearsal room has air conditioning to keep you and your band members comfortable. Additionally, our rehearsal rooms have WiFi, so you can access resources and information as you need it. And, don’t worry about things like mics, stands, and mixing consoles because when you book our rehearsal rooms, you’ll have access to all that, too. Finally, if you’re missing anything, we have various instruments and equipment available for hire, so you can ensure your practice session can go off without a hitch. For more information about our rehearsal rooms in Melbourne, including specs and availability, scroll to the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


band rehearsal rooms melbourne


Tips For Staying Motivated During Your Rehearsal Session

So you’ve made it here, but maybe you’re feeling a little stagnant, have writer's block, or just lack motivation. Worry not, because below are some of Pony Music’s best tips to help you stay motivated during your practice session. 


Rehearsal Rooms


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rehearsal Studio

If it’s your first time using our rehearsal space in Melbourne, we’re sure you’ll have some questions. To make it easy, we’ve collected a few of our FAQs and provided the answers for you below. 

Q: How many people can fit in your rehearsal room?
A: Our rehearsal space can comfortably fit five band members and their equipment. A band of six or more will fit however, it will be a little squishy. 

Q: What is included with the room hire?
A: All our rooms come with 3x microphones, stands & leads, music stand, drum rug, chairs, reverse cycle air conditioner, and PA.

Q: What times are your sessions?
A: We have two sessions available which are, 12:00pm (midday) – 5:00pm & 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Q: How much does it cost to rehearse?
A: $85.00 per session, which is to be paid at the time of booking.

Q: Do you have gear available for hire?
A: Yes, you can hire the following equipment for your rehearsal:

Q: What if we need to cancel our rehearsal?
A: There are no cancellation fees if cancelled with 48hrs notice. Any cancellations after this time will result in a rehearsal credit.


If You’re A Creative Looking For A Standout Music Rehearsal Space In Melbourne, Look No Further Than Pony Music

Pony Music has been operating in Melbourne for over two decades. Founded in 1997, Pony Music isn’t your typical music store. We are your one-stop-shop for all your music and instrument needs. Offering everything from a recording studio, rehearsal rooms, music lessons and even PA and production hire, we’re proud to provide you with premium products and services at competitive prices. But more than our goods and services, we’re experienced music buffs who love what we do. So whether you’re after a new or used instrument, repairs, music rehearsal studios in Melbourne, or just want to chat with a like-minded individual who shares your passion for music, you can count on our knowledgeable team to provide you with all your musical needs. Contact the music experts at Pony Music today!

Immerse Yourself in Music at Melbourne’s Premier Rehearsal Room for Hire

Pony Music is staffed by musicians who love to be immersed in music. Our rehearsal studio in Melbourne has been crafted while thinking about what you and your band will need to optimize each session.

Why Use Our Rehearsal Studio

More than just a music rehearsal studio, we have worked hard to create a place to give you and your band the resources, environment, and ambience needed. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and perform your best. Day and night rehearsal sessions are available so that you can get the band together when it meets everyone’s schedules.

Each room has space for between four and six band members. We take care of mics, stands, and mixing console. We also have instruments for hire if you require one for your next rehearsal.

Book a Time at Our Music Rehearsal Space Today

Now is the time for you to complete your next musical project at our acoustically treated music rehearsal facility. As musicians, we appreciate that the creation process is unique for each individual and band. Our rehearsal spaces give you self-service access, professional equipment, and a quiet environment conducive to creativity. And you get all of this at an affordable price.

Whether you want to rehearse, record, mix, or edit, the Pony Music rehearsal room is available at a time convenient for your daily routine. Schedule a session for one hour or take advantage of the facilities for the entire day. Contact us today, and let’s start recording!


Pony Music Rehearsal Studios are

Now Open in accordance with COVID-Safe guidelines!


band rehearsal rooms melbourne

 Please call Pony Music on (03)9702 3244 for booking enquiries

All Rehearsal Sessions require full payment at time of booking. 


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Our Rehearsal facility includes the following;


  • 6 x Air Conditioned Rehearsal Studios
  • All of our studios have a floor area of approximately 27m2, with a ceiling height of 3.15m and are easily comfortable for 4-6+ piece bands.
  • Every room is equiped with the following: 8+ Channel Mixing Console, EQ, Professional PA Speakers, 3 x Professional Standard Vocal Microphones/Stands/Leads, 1 x Music Stand.*
  • All rooms have extensive accoustic treatment for a great sound!
  • There is a vending machine for soft drinks, snacks, etc. Free tea and coffee is available in the kitchen.
  • Full Musical Instrument Retail Store onsite - open at the start of most sessions.
  • Backline Hire available (rehearsal and overnight hire).*
  • Flat and easy Load-in.
  • Heaps of FREE off-street parking.
  • FREE WiFi.

* Additional items and hire items are to be booked and paid for in advance of your session or we can't guarantee supply.

PONY MUSIC has a range of Backline available for hire for your Rehearsal sessions as well as for overnight hire (gigs etc).

Drums, Cymbals, Guitar and Bass Amplifiers, Instruments (Guitars, Basses, and Keyboards) are all available for hire.


Band rehearsal space



  • Day session  Midday -  5pm
  • Night Session 6pm- 11pm
  • Session Cost  $85.00 excluding backline hire.
  • * Everyone needs to depart the building by 11:30pm or there will be a $150 charge for the security car call out.