Production Hire

Melbourne PA Hire, Lighting Hire, Backline Hire, Staging Hire

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Pony Music's Hire Department is located at our Hallam Complex (30 minutes South East of Melbourne)

PONY MUSIC's Hire Department caters for a wide range of clients and events - from Corporate Events to Backyard Parties to Touring Acts. Everything from Operated Hire and Driveway PA Hire, Lighting and Backline.

PONY MUSIC can look after your Production requirements for any type of event - from Touring Acts, Corporate Functions, Conferences, Band Events, Festivals to Small Driveway Hire Systems, Large Operated PA systems, Backline and Lighting Hire.

We have small battery powered systems from as little as $55, Party systems from $99 and Vocal/Band systems from $133 (all per day).

Delivered/setup and operated systems start form $1400 with an average package costing $2500 or more for full Sound, Lights, Backline and crew.  

* Experienced Crew and Audio Engineers for your event * Full Service / Operated Systems and Driveway Hire * All Electrical Equipment Test & Tagged to AS3760 * Public Liability for staff & equipment at events * Safe Workplace practices.

Speaker Hire, Microphone Hire, Band PA System Hire, Mixer Hire, Mixing Console Hire, Mixing Desk Hire, Backline Hire, Guitar Amp Hire, Drum kit Hire plus more. 

Feel free to contact us to discuss your events needs, we are here to help.