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Guitar Effect Pedal

There comes a moment in the life of every guitar player when they realize they need more than just six strings and an amplifier to accurately recreate the sounds that float through their imagination. Once they’ve had this realization, the search for the ultimate effect pedal begins. And here at Pony Music, we believe that pedal exists. No matter what effect you want to achieve—be it distortion, delay, or a healthy dose of fuzz—or whether you simply want to become the next Hendrix, we have a huge range of guitar effect pedals to satisfy even the most particular audiophile.

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We also understand that when it comes to guitar pedals, it’s not one size fits all. Granted, if you haven’t been playing long and this is your first attempt at introducing a pedal to your guitar playing, we can pair you with a pedal that keeps the focus on having fun while you work out how to master it. But if you’ve been experimenting with guitar sounds for some time and are on the hunt for a very distinct effect, our friendly, expert staff can also point you in the right direction.

So, why not visit our store in Melbourne—or visit our store online—and let us help you find the perfect pedal (or pedals). And because all bets are off until you feel a pedal and hear the sound it creates, we’re more than happy for you to bring along your guitar to see how it pairs with different pedals. We get it: a guitarist searching for the right pedal is much like a painter searching for the right colour, and at Pony Music we have the entire rainbow palette ready for you to explore.


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