Electric Bass Guitars

Unlock Your Inner-Groove with an Electric Bass Guitar

While the electric guitar often demands a lot of the limelight, really, it’s the bass guitar that gets us moving. Literally. Rare is the song or passage of music that doesn’t sparkle when a groove is added. And here at Pony Music, we not only love and celebrate what the bass brings to our collective listening experience, but we have the brands and the knowledge to help you create your own grooves. So, regardless of whether you are part of a band whose sound demands a particular kind of groove or someone who is looking to expand their musical repertoire, Pony Music can equip you with an electric bass guitar that elevates your music making to another level.

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We also recognise that not everyone plays the bass the same way. While the majority of musicians who play bass guitar play right-handed, there is a small but wonderful group of bass guitarists who play left-handed. That’s why we offer the best range of left-handed bass guitars, so that you’ll never have to change instruments or learn to play the bass upside down!

The Ultimate Range of Bass Guitars for Sale

Since 1997, Pony Music has been supplying Melbourne and the rest of Australia with the widest range of high-quality bass guitars available. Whether you’ve just decided you want to learn how to play bass, or you’re in need of a replacement, or you simply want to add another electric bass guitar to your collection, we can help you find the perfect instrument. Our amazing team—all of whom love making music as much as you—are on hand to offer advice, exceptional service, and encouragement. So, why not check out our website today and let us help make your musical journey a successful and rewarding one.


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