Classical & Nylon String Guitars

The Classical Guitar: In a Class of its Own

While at first glance a lot of acoustic guitars can look the same—particularly if you’re learning to play—there are often subtle differences that can have a less-subtle effect on the sounds they make. This is especially true with classical guitars. With a hollow body and both a wider fretboard and a shorter neck than a standard acoustic guitar, the classical guitar produces a sound of its own. And not just that; it also demands a playing style of its own, thanks to both the use of nylon strings instead of steel strings and the finger technique required.

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But while this might make the classical guitar seem like a rigid instrument to play and listen, it is, in fact, the opposite. One only need explore the wealth of music from all over the world that uses a classical guitar as its centrepiece to see the breadth of textures and compositions that are capable with this instrument. And here at Pony Music, we champion versatility paired with virtuosity. Which is why our amazing team will be just as excited as you when it comes to helping you purchase the perfect classical guitar.

The Nylon String Guitar: Delicate Yet Powerful

While the first thing you notice when you pick up a classical guitar are the nylon strings—softer, with less tension than steel strings—it’s the difference in sound that will leave the biggest impression on you. Warm, rich tones, often free and clean of amplification, it’s little wonder that nylon string guitars continue to hold such universal appeal. At Pony Music, we’re huge fans of classical guitars, and unashamedly so. Which is why we stock the most extensive range of classical guitars in Melbourne. So, visit our store in person or explore our website and let our friendly, expert staff help you find the perfect instrument.


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