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Acoustic Electric Guitars: The Best of Both Worlds

Ask any guitarist to reminisce about how they got started and chances are they’ll turn misty-eyed and begin describing in acute detail the secondhand six-string they bought one summer with a year’s worth of pocket money. Childhood memories aside, it’s true that for most guitarists—and to be fair, most musicians—the acoustic guitar was their introduction to music. And here at Pony Music, we understand why. There’s a simplicity and a versatility to acoustic guitars that makes them not only perfect to learn on but perfect for developing your music and songwriting skills.

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We also understand that there’ll be times when you’ll want to plug that acoustic in and turn the volume up. And that’s why we not only have an extensive range of acoustic guitars for sale but an equally extensive range of acoustic electric guitars for sale. So, no matter where you are on your musical journey or what kind of sound you are chasing, we can guarantee we’ll have the guitar to keep you growing.

The Best Place to find Acoustic Guitars For Sale

At Pony Music, we’re proud to be one of Australia’s most trusted suppliers of acoustic and acoustic electric guitars. We stock only the best quality brands, which means that regardless of your musical needs—whether you are just starting out or need a particular guitar for an upcoming tour—we can pair you with an instrument that will help take you to the next level.

We can also guarantee that you’ll never just shop with us once. This is because our friendly, expert, music-loving staff don’t see your purchase as just a transaction; we see it as the beginning of a wonderful musical relationship, one that we want to help nurture with you. So, check out our website today and let’s start making music together!


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