Fulltone Full Drive 2 Version 2

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The Full-Drive 2 Mosfet is a dual-channel pedal that gives you the best of bost worlds, an Overdrive and Distortion. The first channel (the Overdrive Mode) is capable of a clean boost or non-compressed overdrive or even a light to medium softer style of overdrive all while retaining your guitar's original tone. The Tone Knob is a very effective prescence control that can smouth out or add upper harmonics. The second channel is the "Boost Mode" with its own separate distotion control for medium to high gain styles encompassing a violin-like sustain character.

The mini-toggle switch lets you choose between a "Vintage" FD2 sound with mid-heavy tones that cut through the mix and "FM (Flat-Mids)" for a mroe natural, transparent sound that works amazing with a Strat's neck pickup. The second mini-toggle switch lets you choose between Mosfet and Normal clipping modes. Normal mode is even mroe asymmetrical, sweet and open without the "blanket" over the sound. 

Lastly, the FD-2 Mosfet features super-birhgt LEDs so you can see them on stage and Fulltone's excluse "No-thump/No-pop" True Bypass switching.


Barcode # 676891000360

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