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Take Your Music to the Next Level with Schecter Electric Guitars


Pony Music is proud to be a distributor of Schecter guitars. Schecter is considered one of the best guitar companies in the world. Their selection of electric guitars, bass guitars, and custom shop instruments are used by musicians at every level worldwide.

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The extensive collection of Schecter guitars we offer is constantly growing as the company evolves its line of guitars to appeal to music lovers at different proficiency levels and different genres of music. Thanks to the variety of quality instruments Schecter guitars produce, Pony Music can offer these beautiful guitars at a price point that just about everyone can afford.


Join an Elite Group of Musicians Who Play Schecter Electric Guitars


Schecter electric guitars were initially only sold to a small group of retailers in the United States. Today, these phenomenal guitars are the favourites of well-known musicians, including Synyster Gates, Machine Gun Kelly, Nikki Sixx, Dan Donegan and many more. Pony Music is excited to offer these unique guitars to our customers, letting them play the same instruments as their favourite musicians.

Check out the C series when you browse our collection of Schecter electric guitars. We invite you to review the S series models, including S-1 Elite. Variations like Blackjack and Hellraiser are extremely popular.

Manufactured in the United States, South Korea, China, and Indonesia, these guitars have maintained their high quality and affordable price. As music lovers, these guitars have our seal of approval. They are a phenomenal brand to buy.


Why You Should Buy Schecter Guitars From Us


Pony Music has been a leader in the music industry in Australia since 1997. All of our staff have the same love for music and musical instruments that our customers do. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide high-quality instruments, stellar customer service, and a range of prices to meet the needs of our customers. Visit our Hallam store, or check out our online collection of musical instruments and accessories today!


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