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Reverend Electric Guitars Are One of the Guitar World’s Best Kept Secrets


When you think about guitars impacting the music world, you may think about names like Fender, Gibson, and PRS. At Pony Music, we want you to consider how Reverend guitars are a hidden gem in the guitar world.

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First manufactured by a small company in Detroit by Joe Naylor, Reverend guitars are designed to produce a unique sound and to be the universal guitar that can do it all. The result has been several well-crafted guitars, including the Reverend Double Agent. This guitar is the best of both worlds regarding versatility and appearance. The subtle P 90 in the neck and a powerful humbucker in the bridge allow you to play everything from the blues to heavy metal with just one guitar.

The Reverend Double Agent lets you switch between high-gain tones and dirty blues thanks to the neck pickup that blows the doors open regarding music creativity. Its pickups are perfectly balanced, allowing the neck to produce sound at the same level as the bridge.

Are Reverend Double Agent Guitars any good? Absolutely. And this is just one of the Reverend electric guitar models we offer. Whether it’s the Roundhouse, the Sensei RA, or any of its other unique models, we’ve got them and can get them to you at a competitive price. Visit our online store today to find your next guitar!


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Pony Music is home to the highest quality musical instruments at competitive prices. We don’t just sell musical instruments. We are musicians who love our craft. From the moment you talk with us, you will know that you are dealing with an experienced team who will guide you whether you are purchasing your first guitar or something special to add to your unique collection. Visit our Hallam store, or check us out online today. We can’t wait to help you make the music you love.


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