Our Recording Studio IS OPEN - we are recording and taking bookings. 



Pony Music's State of the Art Recording Studio facility is located in Hallam, Melbourne, Australia.recording-101-music-collage1000.png

THE GEAR = The Best of Both Worlds - Analog front end into ProTools through awesome Microphone Preamps, Microphones and Analog to Digital Converters.  All the classic gear to get you the best sound. 

THE SPACE = Massive Live Room (10m x 8m x 5.5m height) and Control Room gives you an Acoustically pleasing space with many options for different sounds - open and reverberant or closed and focussed.

THE VIBE = Because that's what it is all about! Big spaces, comfortable couches, lounge areas, Coffee Machine, Free WiFi 

THE SOUND = Quality gear, awesome acoustic spaces and Engineers give you the Sound you are after!

We also cater for Re-amping, Mixing, Corporate, Voice-Overs, Sound Replacement and just about any of your possible recording needs. Freelance Engineer rates also available.

Our studio comprises the best Vintage and Modern Recording Equipment and Instruments which coupled with our awesome recording spaces helps produce the best sound possible for your project.