GUITARS / BASS – Restrings, Setups, Intonation, Action, Pickups, Pots, Switches, Machine Heads, Input Jacks etc. Keep your guitar or bass playing better than the day you purchased it with regular setups and service.
AMPLIFIERS / SPEAKERS / ELECTRONICS – Maintenance and Repairs to all Valve and Solid State Guitar Amps, Speakers, Effects Pedals andUnits, PA Amplifiers and most Music Equipment.
DRUMS / PERCUSSION – Keep your drums sounding great with new heads and tuning. Repairs to drum hardware and lugs etc.
RESTRING (+ Strings) includes fingerboard clean, check & tune.

$20 = Electric, Bass, Steel String Acoustic, Ukulele
$30 = Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
$40 = 12-String, Locking Tremolo
SET-UP (+ Strings)

$80 = STANDARD - Electric or Acoustic: Restring, Clean & Nourish Fretboard and Guitar, Truss Rod Adjustment, Adjust Intonation and Action.

$100 = SPECIALTY - Locking Tremolo, 12-String, 6 String Bass:
Restring, Clean & Nourish Fretboard and Guitar, 
Truss Rod Adjustment, Adjust Intonation and Action.

GUITAR & BASS REPAIRS (Labour only + Parts)

Replace Pick-Up $55 (+) 
Replace Pot $44 (+) 
Output Jack $44 (+) 
Switches $55 (+) 
Strap Buttons $15 (+)
Machine Heads installed including STD Restring starting at $55 (+) 


Servicing, Maintenance and Repair of all Valve and Solid State Musical Instrument amplifiers, pedals, effects, speakers, keyboards etc.

Prices Quoted per job - Repairs which cost under $200 will be repaired and billed. Repairs exceeding $200* will be quoted prior to repair. ($300* for 100+watt Valve Amplifiers)


FREE Tuning and Re-Head with purchase of drum heads. 
Tuning @ $11.00 per drum (without purchase of heads).
Front Bass Drum Head Hole (FREE hole cut out with purchase of any Reinforcing Hole System)
Re-Head and Tuning of percussion (bongos, congas etc) @ $18.00 per drum

OTHER: All other Repair, Service and Maintenance work @ $44.00 per 30 mins  

 For more information or to book in your gear please call us on (03)9702 3244.
You can drop your repairs in to us at any time.