Pony Music's Rehearsal (and Recording studio) are RE-OPEN as of March 2020..


Day Sessions 11am - 5pm Monday - Saturday

Night Sessions 5pm - 11pm Monday - Friday

All Band sessions are $77

Solo Sessions (Single person only) are available during the day only @ $44

All Rehearsal Sessions require full payment at time of booking. 


Please call Pony Music on (03)9702 3244 to make a booking! 


Melbourne Rehearsal Studios


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Rehearsal Studios Melbourne
Great Studios, PA's, Backline and Awesome Sound! Pony Music operates 6 Rehearsal Studios in the South Eastern Suburbs of Hallam, Melbourne, Victoria. Boasting some of the cleanest and best sounding rooms in Melbourne; Pony Music are visited regularly by Recording Artists, Great Original Acts, Touring Bands, Top Cover Bands and Garage Bands. Our Rehearsal Studios are located in HALLAM, Victoria, Australia. We were the FIRST Rehearsal Studio in Australia on the internet way back when we opened in 1997.



Photos = Rehearsal Studios @ Hallam with Gretsch Backline Drum kit.

Pony Music Hallam
3/37-41 Hallam South Road, Hallam, Melbourne VIC 3803 

  • 6 x Air Conditioned Rehearsal Studios
  • Our studios are approx: 6m x 5m x 3.15m (height) and easily comfortable for 4-6+ piece bands.
  • Every room has - Full PA with Microphones: 8+ Channel Mixing Console, EQ, Professional PA Speakers and Power Amps, AUDIX OM3 Microphones, Stands and Leads as required.
  • Drinks and Snacks  in the shop - soft drink, gatorade, water etc. plus chips, choc bars, munchies, free tea and coffee.
  • Full Musical Instrument Retail Store onsite - open at the start of most sessions.
  • Onsite Hire Department - BACKLINE - Guitar - Bass Amplifiers / Drums / PA Systems etc.
  • Backline Hire available (rehearsal and overnight hire).
  • Professional Recording Studio onsite.
  • Kitchen / Lounge / Chill Out Area.
  • Our staff are professional musicians and engineers. We know how the gear is supposed to work/sound.
  • Flat and easy Load-in.
  • Heaps of FREE off-street parking.
  • FREE WiFi.


"The term backline used to refer just to audio amplification equipment that stands behind the band on stage, including amplifiers for guitars, bass guitars and keyboards. Backline has expanded in recent years to include the instruments that the musicians play, from guitars and bass guitars, to keyboards and organs, to drum kits and various percussion instruments. It is often used in this sense to talk generally about the equipment available to or needed by musicians. (e.g. "What is the backline at O'Malley's Pub? The band wants to know if they need to bring their own drums or amps.")" - Copied from Wikipedia 2013.


PONY MUSIC have a large range of Backline available for hire for your Rehearsal sessions as well as for overnight hire (gigs etc). Drums, Guitar Amplifiers, Speaker Boxes, Bass Amplifiers, Guitars, Basses, Cymbals and Keyboards are all available for hire, please visit the following link for the current range available for your next Rehearsal.


Rehearsal Terms & Conditions

All Rehearsal bookings are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. 
Please ensure you take some time to read these.

1. Bookings & Cancellations

1.1  We have a ‘pay when you book’ policy. All sessions must be paid for in full at time of booking (please ask us for ways to manage this payment).

1.2  All bookings are subject to our cancellation policy.

1.3  You must give at least 48hours cancellation notice to avoid cancellation charges.

1.4 Cancellations with less than 48hours and more than 24 hours notice will result in 50% of the booked session fee being charged.

1.5  Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in the full booked session fee being charged.

1.6  Once the session is cancelled it is not reversible. We reserve the right to offer the session to other parties.

1.7  All bookings made with less than 24 hours between the time of booking and the session will be required to pay the full booked session if cancelled.

1.8  Any cancellation charges must be paid before the beginning of the next booked session to confirm that booking.

1.9  Any ‘no shows’ will be treated as a cancellation without notice and be required to pay the full booked session fee.

1.0  Repeat cancellations and/or no shows on block bookings will result in all future bookings being cancelled.

1.11 All Rehearsal Bookings require Pre-Payment at the time of booking. No bookings will be confirmed until payment has been made.

1.12 Advance cancellations for paid sessions will be credited to your next booking under the same booking band/name.  

3. Equipment and Rooms

3.1 All rehearsal studio doors must remain closed whilst any musician is playing, please respect other users of the facility and remember there is also a Recording Studio in the building. We have spent a lot of time and effort sound proofing the studios but it only works with the doors closed!

3.2 Variation in standard equipment may alter from time to time, without prior notice. If specific equipment is required or additional equipment is needed this should be arranged at the time of booking.

3.3 You must load and upload your equipment via the roller door.

3.4 . Our rooms and equipment are regularly safety-checked and Electrical Test & Tagged. However you agree to use our equipment at your own risk. We can not be held responsible or liable for your own equipment.

3.5 You will be liable for replacement/repair costs for any deliberate misuse or negligence towards our equipment or premises.

3.6 If you require help or advise in setting up your rehearsal studio please speak to a Pony Music staff member - we are here to help!

4.0 Children and Extra guests.

4.1 All visitors and ‘users’ of the studio must be over 16 years of age. Anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (i.e. over 18). Proof of age may be required.

4.2 Any children brought onto the premises (i.e. building and grounds) at their parents/guardians’ risk and must be directly supervised at all times by a parent /guardian. We can hold no responsibility for their supervision.

4.3 Pony Music is a Rehearsal Facility and as such is NOT a party place, please keep non-band members to a minimum.

5. General

5.1  There is strictly no smoking allowed anywhere inside the building.

5.2  We do not take responsibility for any personal possessions brought onto the premises.

5.4  You and any visitors must take responsibility and the time to familiarise yourselves with all the marked fire escapes, emergency exits and location of fire extinguishers.

5.5  If you have any special requirements / needs i.e. access, or facilities within the premises, you should liaise with us prior to your session. We will endeavour to meet these requirements.

5.6  The Studio Complex has 24 hour closed circuit television (CCTV) recording. You must accept this as part of your booking. CCTV recordings are used solely for the purposes of good security management and will not be passed on to any third party (apart from the Police) under any circumstances.

5.7  We ask you and your visitors to leave the rehearsal studio and grounds as you would wish to find them. Any misuse or disrespect of the premises or equipment may result in future bookings being cancelled.

5.8  We reserve the right to change or amend these Terms and Conditions without notice.

5.9  Bookings are taken on the understanding that you are familiar with and accept the above stated Terms and Conditions.

‘We’ and ‘us’ refer to PONY MUSIC owners or their representatives. ‘You’ refers to an individual or group of individuals that book, enter or use the facilities of PONY MUSIC.