Tokai Legacy Relic J-Style Bass

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The Tokai Legacy series uses modern tone woods and construction methods to create affordable high performance guitars that can any gigging and studio musician can use to create music. The Legacy series allows players from all walks of life a chance to experience high performance guitars with iconic vintage inspirations.

The Tokai TL-JBR-RED features classic JB design, 60's style medium neck profile, vintage style hardware, Tokai vintage voiced 'Legacy' JB single coil pickups and a relic'ed finish to capture the feel of a vintage instrument.


BODY: Basswood
NECK: Canadian Bolt On
NECK PROFILE: 60's Style Medium C
FINISH: Relic'ed Urethane
MACHINE HEADS: Relic'ed Vintage Style
BRIDGE: Relic'ed Vintage Barrel
PICKUPS: Tokai Legacy JB single coil x2
ELECTRONICS: 2 Vol, 1 Tone,
WIRING: Modern
NUT: Bone 42mm
WEIGHT: 3.6kg




Great Bass Guitar!!

By: on 7 April 2022
I bought this guitar a few weeks ago...I was browsing for a few weeks before I bought a bass looking for one that's the best for the money. The Squiers started at a similar price for the Affinity.... I was unsure whether or not to get this one because of the weird wood I had never heard of for the fretboard. That wood is good...It's like a solid dark very similar to rosewood and very nice and dark and smooth to play and solid..I feel it's better than laurel and even better than the cheap version of rosewood used on older squiers of a similar price's all good. The Tuners all function well and the volume and tone controls all do the trick. The machine heads are quality. I was a little unsure about buying a Tokai. I have a fender 6 string normal guitar but I couldn't afford a MIM fender so it was either an squier affinity or this. It's a quality instrument and I have no buyers remorse getting it at all and are completely happy with my was set up properly and ready to play. The neck is comfortable to play a nice C shape and the frets were all done really well with no ends being uncomfortable when you play(totally smooth and no rough edges) along with a nice slidey perfectly done nice and smooth transition from fretbord to maple where your hand slides at the top. When I first got a relict instrument I was a bit skeptical. but after I put a camo grey and white strap on it it looks totally Punk Rock ha it looks good which is perfect for the kind of alternative music I play...It plays really well and an instrument at that price point I feel I made a good decision over a squier. The guys at Pony music were more than helpful in completing the purchase. I'm really happy with it. You won't be disappointed if you buy one of these over a squier. Thanks :) Check out the Tokai website...they make some quality guitars....At the end of the day it's not about a prestigious badge on the headstock. They make quality kit...You could use this guitar to gig with which for mid $500 or so is really good. You would feel like a stooge gigging with a squier affinity. Very Happy with it!! So Thanks!

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