Tomsline LINER ABY Line Selector Switch Mini Pedal

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Product Overview

Tomsline LINER ABY Signal Switch Mini Pedal

Signal path from Y to A (red light), from Y to B (green light), or from Y to both A and B (yellow light)

Or, signal path from A (red light) to Y, or from B (green light) to Y, or from both A and B (yellow light) to Y

True bypass

Multi ways signal path options

Aluminium alloy case

High quality metal components 

Power input: 9V

by power adapter type - tip negative (-)

Power consumption: less than 20mA

Good to work With Tom'sline rechargeable power pedal, no noise engerndered at all 

Slip resistance bottom

Compliant With RoHS regulations, FCC, CE, etc.

Enviromental friendly material used, no painting

Dimension: 92*38*32mm

weight: 133g

Cartonbox package With magnetic closure

Pedal surrounded by a foam to prevent damage in case during transportation

Desiccant included to keep the pedal at a perfect storage condition before using

Free 3M tape velcro one pair enclosed

Operation manual


(No reviews yet) Write a Review