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  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music
  • sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter at Pony Music

sE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter

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Product Description

sE GuitaRF Reflexion Filter

The guitaRF® helps get your amp sounding just the way you want.

The guitaRF acts as an RF (Reflexion Filter®), an isolator, a double mic stand, and fine-positioning hardware for both your favorite large-diaphragm condenser or ribbon mic AND a dynamic or small-capsule mic. All in one piece of gear, with the ability to perfectly phase-align the two capsules for maximum impact. 

For years now, some of our biggest FOH engineer clients (running sound for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Black Sabbath, Paramore, My Morning Jacket, and more) have known that putting a Reflexion Filter in front of their amp cabinets can help reduce stage bleed into their guitar mics. This is especially true with some of our favorite guitar mics like the VR1 and RNR1 ribbons, since they naturally have a figure-8 pattern that leaves them open to whatever else is happening on stage.

This doesn't just help the FOH mix either. Using an RF on a guitar cab or drums can make the multitrack of a live show significantly easier to mix.

Until now, our FOH engineer clients have had to devise their own custom-assembled solutions to help deal with this problem. Now, enter the guitaRF.

With the guitaRF, these custom rigs are now available as an off-the-shelf solution so anyone can get the guitar sounds they're looking for, with minimal stage bleed and coloration.

NOT JUST FOR LIVE SOUND - The guitaRF is equally useful in the studio as well.

The LDC/ribbon mounting hardware is adjustable across three axes - vertical, depth, and lateral - so you can find the perfect spot for any mic, whether in a shockmount or just on a clip.

This allows you to position both capsules perfectly in phase - or to spread them apart to capture the sounds of both the edge of the cone and the dust cap.

The entire filter + mic assembly can also be moved up and down to position it precisely over the perfect spot on the speaker cone - or, if needed, the filter can be removed from its base and mounted on any mic stand for complete flexibility.

Acoustically, the guitaRF is very similar to our best-selling RF-X, with a four-layer acoustic filter design comprised of the vented outer composite panel, a layer of acoustic-grade wool, an air gap to help with low-frequency isolation, and an inner acoustic foam layer.

The guitaRF also has an integrated pass-through hole with a rubber-finned grip that securely holds just about any dynamic or small-capsule mic on the market.

A double-cable clip is also provided that screws in to the back of the filter, so you don't need to worry about dangling mic cables that could accidentally tug your mics out of position.

Get your mics placed perfectly. Get the sounds you want. Get that stage bleed out of your ribbons. Get a guitaRF.



& more.


"I’ve been using a ribbon mic on Trey’s guitar since 2009 and I love it, but I wanted to improve the sonic quality, so we bought a guitaRF. What a difference it made. The guitar came into focus, had more punch and a level of isolation was achieved that had been missing due to the nature of a ribbon. Definitely a tool worth having!"

- Garry Brown, FOH Engineer (Phish, Trey Anastasio Band)

"The filters are working an absolute treat! In terms of what it's doing sonically, it's made my ribbon mics really come to life. Got some screaming guitars out front now!"

- Mike Woodhouse, FOH Engineer (Catfish & The Bottlemen) - sE Artist

"The guitaRFs are versatile, compact and robust. I use fewer mic stands, mounts etc. - and I don’t have to worry about nasty reflections. The way I look at the guitaRFs, it’s not just for guitar amps. I like to get creative. I’m looking forward to trying one live in front of the drummers resonate head as well."

"I notice the reduction of spillover the most when I’m mixing shows in post. I imagine if we were to A/B the filters on and off for MMJ,  it would dramatically change the frequencies in their ear mixes. I have not tried this, but the closest would be a late night promo show like Fallon or Colbert where as we use very little of our audio package and only backline. The outcome is usually subpar compared to what they've become accustomed to hearing in their in ears with our setup."

- Ryan Pickett, FOH Engineer (My Morning Jacket) - sE Artist

"I’ve been using the guitaRF on every tracking date since I got it. It’s a terrific tool; I hear a clarity and isolation on the tracks. Makes it much easier to mix and phase align down the road."

"Just love it when something so simple makes such a huge difference. A new daily tool, thank you! GuitaRF!"

- Linda Taylor, guitarist (TV Show, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?")

[on the RF Pro] "I have one of the tiny Brian May Vox amps, which cuts really well in a track, especially if the other guitars all have a 'Marshall'-based sound. Removing the screen from the [RF's] standmount and placing it on the floor next to the front of amp, I used the Reflexion Filter as a mini-gobo, which made the guitar sound as if it was about half an inch from your face. Even when I added a touch of 'room reverb'...the sound was exactly as you would imagine — little amp, but now in a little room! In my view this product really makes it that bit easier to get a 'pro-studio' sound at home."

- Steve Levine, Sound on Sound 

"Everyone should have one."

- Ryan Hewitt, Producer/Engineer (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers) - sE Artist

"I use it to keep the bad out and the good in. On vocals in certain rooms, on guitar cabs, and even on drums (floor toms and kicks)."

- F. Reid Shippen, GRAMMY®-winning Mixer / Engineer / Producer (India.Arie, Ingrid Michaelson, Jonny Lang) - sE Artist

"I’ve used them on vocals and instruments alike where I either need more isolation from other sounds/instruments in the room, or I don’t like the character of the room and I’m trying to minimize the amount of room sound pulled into the mic."

"You can never have enough tools and tricks to get the job done. This is exactly the kind of tool that, once you have it, you’ll use it over and over."

- Neal Cappellino, GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineer (Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss & Union Station) - sE Artist

"I like to do vocals in the control room - much more direct interaction with the vocalist, so it's perfect for that. With so many of us working in all sorts of situations these days, the Reflexion Filter transforms any of these into a viable recording environment."

"I also think it's a wonderful device for students to know and learn about, to hear the difference with and without the filter. All audio schools should have them."

- Lenise Bent, Producer / Engineer (Blondie, Steely Dan, Supertramp, The Band, Fleetwood Mac)

"The Reflexion Filter makes a huge difference in small recording spaces that are more and more the norm..."

- Andy Bradfield, Producer (David Bowie, David Gray, Rufus Wainwright)

"Trust me, they will change your recording process for the better."

- Ricky Lawson, Drummer (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston)


* BYO Microphone - microphone and pop filter as depicted in photo is for illustrative purposes only!

Warranty Information

12 Months sE Electronics Australian Warranty

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