sE Electronics 4400A Large Diaphragm Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone

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sE Electronics 4400a Large Diaphragm Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone

The 4400a is vintage versatility at its finest.


Four polar patterns, a vintage-style brass capsule, two bass cuts and two pads, and the most adaptable shockmount around - the 4400a is pure modern classic.

Much like a few particular well-known classic European condensers, the 4400a is a true all-rounder. You can put it up on just about anything and it'll sound great.

Unfortunately for many studio owners, those "classic condensers" are often not what they used to be. Capsule designs change over time, capacitors dry out, metal switches are replaced with plastic buttons and LEDs, and the mics that were once so versatile are now mere shadows of their former selves.


Given the practically cult status of these vintage mics, sE saw an opportunity, and from that arose the 4400a. Now these classics are obtainable - hand-made brass capsule, four-polar-pattern-versatility and all. And like the classics, the 4400a sounds great on everything. Vocals, guitars, toms, overheads, classical pianos, strings, you name it. Its tonal versatility is practically unmatched.




As with all sE mics, the 4400a's back-to-back brass-ringed capsules are hand-built and hand-tuned by our skilled technicians, just like any fine musical instrument.


The flat, round-edged chassis design and custom suspension mount allow the mic to be centered within the shock, flipped around and used flat against a drum head or guitar cab, or angled outwards and pushed through inside of a kick drum. And at less than 3/4" thick, it fits neatly in the palm of your hand, but is built to take a beating on the road.

"I don't think I've ever started a mic review by introducing the accessories first. But given the innovative design of the shockmount included with the sE4400a, I can't help but get that out of the way so I can then move on to telling you what a great buy the mic itself is."
Tape Op Magazine


The mic has a unique, black, non-reflective, non-marking, rubberized finish which is ideal for live stage, theatre, TV and broadcast applications which require lighting.

Capsule Type: Hand-Crafted True Condenser

Diaphragm: 32mm Twin Gold/Mylar

Directional Pattern: Cardioid, Hyper Cardioid, Omni, Figure-8

Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Impedance: 50 Ohms

Sensitivity: 25.12 mV/Pa (-32 dB)

Max SPL: 122/132/142 dB (0/-10/-20 dB pad) (0.5% THD @ 1kHz)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 78 dB

Self Noise: 16 dB(A)

Pass Filter Switch: 60/120 Hz

Preattenuation Pad: -10/-20 dB

Matching Connectors: XLR3F

Power requirement: 48V phantom

Weight: 280g / 9.88oz



“Having used the sE4400a's for the piano parts on Coldplay’s latest album I wish I’d had them on piano duty for the previous record too."

- Rik Simpson, Producer (Coldplay, Jay-Z, Portishead)

"I don't think I've ever started a mic review by introducing the accessories first. But given the innovative design of the shockmount included with the sE4400a, I can't help but get that out of the way so I can then move on to telling you what a great buy the mic itself is."

"It's virtually impossible to go wrong with it, and because of its fairly-neutral sonic character (with just a bit of high-frequency lift), you'll need to lay blame elsewhere if your recording goes awry. Even if you're a professional with countless mics at your disposal, the sE4400a is still a great mic to have for location work or for hurried sessions, when you won't have the luxury of setting up a bunch of mics to try out. Just mount up an sE4400a and hit record." 

- Andy Hong, Tape Op 

"The 4400's are DARK sounding, warm...not sharp at all, more like those earlier 414's. So i would say they actually 'out-414' the current 414's...kudos to sE for going with actual toggle switches instead of the electronic gismos that the rival 414's now use."

"The shockmount on the sE caught my attention because it's just so darn flexible. Simple idea...the mic attaches in such a way that it can either sit inside our outside the suspension, which is C shaped. The mic can then be adjust fully to any degree of positioning between the in and out position. Picture being able go get up close to a grill cloth, or lay this down over a tom. No more shockmount in the way, BIG WIN."

"The sE 4400a seems to have more then a little of what it takes to enter the category of studio classics, and favorites."

"The main course of this great mic. The polar patterns.This variety of settings allow you to place this mic in almost any situation."

"To top it all off it comes in a heavy duty carry case with shockmount that looks like it could survive a stadium sized amp stack falling on it."

"Anyone who has ever struggled with traditional shockmounts in tight spots, or had to reinvent physics to place and angle a mic precisely as one intended, or had to fiddle with the skipping off elastic suspension bands will develop a fondness for the 4400a and its shockmount instantly."

- Various Gearslutz users 

"I couldn't find anything that it couldn't cope with, and its ease of positioning for a large‑diaphragm model was a big plus."

"If you need a large‑diaphragm, multi‑pattern capacitor mic that's almost as easy to position as a small‑diaphragm pencil mic, the SE4400A, with its elegant shockmount, is a very practical choice in the mid‑priced section of the microphone market." 

- Paul White, Sound On Sound 

"Wow! After shooting out the sE Electronics sE4400a alongside another popular (hint: similar looking) microphone and its vintage version from the 70s, the sE4400a just killed it! So smooth and warm with character for days and so versatile! The sE4400a is designed to be a go-to mic for just about anything in your studio. This is a must-have!"

- Stuart Niven, Sweetwater Sound


12 Months sE Electronics Australian Warranty