ProLogix Ostinato Johnny Rabb 12" Practice Pad

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The ProLogix 12" "Ostinato" Johnny Rabb Signature Practice Pad

The “Ostinato” Johnny Rabb Signature Practice Pad features our proprietary drum pad blend in the center playing area with a laminated elliptical pad on each side for practicing hand ostinato's and developing your rhythmic vocabulary during practice time. A blue mute is included for strengthening your muscles and decreasing pad volume.

  • 12“ x 3/16“ wedge shaped signature red gum rubber playing surface provides a realistic drum feel and excellent rebound. 
  • 12“x 4mm interchangeable “Blue Lightning“ radial drum mute insert produces more resistance to really work the hands at a low volume. 
  • Two elliptical ostinato pads located one to each side of the center red gum rubber playing surface are designed for practicing ostinatos. They consist of red gum rubber with a white laminate so you can accurately hear and focus on the ostinato played.
  • “PTR“ (Poly Tech Rim) rim segments are countersunk around the lower and upper perimeter of the wedge shaped playing surface for excellent impact strength for rim shots. Great for working Johnny Rabb’s Freehand Technique into your practice routine. 
  • Our 12“ black anti-skid material is applied to the bottom of the pad for practicing on any flat surface or drum. 
  • “TSR“ (Tripod Stand Receivers) are milled into the side of the base to assure total stability and provides angle option in a snare stand. 
  • The pad base is a CNC milled 14“x 5/8” Baltic Birch design providing excellent durability from bumps or drops, a solid feel and true dynamic pitch when played from center to the edge of the pad. 
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Weight: 4 lbs


About Prologix:

ProLogix Percussion is the leading drum practice pad innovator of the world drumming industry. The company was established in 2001 by professional drummer, educator and inventor Jason Edwards of Ashland, Ohio. ProLogix Percussion practice pads are made with 100% USA precision craftsmanship, high quality materials and technologically advanced designs inspired by our true passion of percussion instruments. Today, we continue our journey in manufacturing the world's best “drum feeling“ engineered practice pads designed to fulfill all drummer's every day needs and desires during practice time.