Pre-Owned Ulbrick Venue 30 Custom Class A Valve Combo Amplifier

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$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Pre-Owned Ulbrick Venue 30 Custom Class A Combo Amplifier

This combo is in excellent condition and was Custom Made by Dave Ulbrick in Australia.

This extremely well regarded amp is widely considered to be one of the finest sounding amps in the market, and sadly are not sold anymore unless a rare opportunity pops up to buy one second hand. 

Special Order # 00075.

Features include:

* Full all tube Accutronics parallel mixed reverb

* 6L6/5881 output stage with paper bobbin hand wound transformers

* Dual parallel pre amp with a vintage full or British bright tone mix

* NEW / OLD rectifier switching for blues power sag

* Slam switch to get more breakup and crunch from the power amp

* Superb full class A richness of tone in a mid sized hand made combo

* A modified Vintage 30 Celestion G12H - 70th Anniversary special edition

* Military spec point to point wired in Ulbrick's custom workshop