Peavey Vypyr 120H Valve Head, Valveking 4x12" Cab and Sanpera II Controller - Pre-Owned

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Pre-Owned Peavey Vypyr 120H Valve Amplifier head, Valveking 4x12" Cabinet and Sanpera II Foot Controller

Excellent Condition, as new.  Pick up from our Hallam store or freight at buyers expense. 

From the internet:

Like Having 12 Amps — and a Whole Pedalboard — in One!

The Peavey Vypyr Tube 120H modeling amplifier head offers an amazing level of performance for a great price. The 120-watt Vypyr Tube 120H gives you 24 amp models (clean and distorted channels from 12 popular amplifiers), plus 11 preamplifier stompbox-style effects and 11 "post-amp" effects, all of which can be easily edited. It gives you a tube power section, courtesy of real 6L6 tubes. This guitar amplifier also features a built-in USB 2.0 output, making it a high-quality interface for putting great guitar tones directly into your computer! The Vypyr Tube 120H is one amazing amp! 

Peavey Vypyr Tube 120H Modeling Guitar Amplifier at a Glance:

  • Heart of the Vypyr
  • Amazing tonal flexibility
  • Built-in Interface 

Heart of the Vypyr
The Vypyr Tube 120H and all Vypyr amplifiers are based on powerful 32-bit, floating-point SHARC processors that enable highly detailed, accurate modeling as well as vastly enhanced flexibility and features. The Vypyr amps also give you authentic tube tone, thanks to a real tube power section driven by 6L6 tubes. You get the best of the digital and analog worlds with the Vypyr Tube 120H amplifier head!

Amazing tonal flexibility
The Vypyr Tube 120H features 24 amp channel models (both the clean and distorted channels of 12 popular amps), plus 11 editable preamplifier "stomp box" effects and 11 editable post-amp "rack" effects with dual-parameter control. Players can use up to five effects simultaneously. When used with the optional Peavey Sanpera foot controller, the possibilities further expand from 12 in-amp presets to 400 programmable presets, with an onboard looper and more. 

Built-in Interface 
The Peavey Vypyr Tube 120H also acts as its own computer audio interface, with a built-in studio-quality USB 2.0 output on most models that is recognized by computers as an audio device. The entire six-model VYPYR Series features the easy-to-use Peavey WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.

Peavey Vypyr Tube 120H Modeling Guitar Amplifier Features:

  • 120-watt amplifier head
  • Four channels with 3-band EQ, master volume, and pre- and post-gain controls
  • Real 6L6 tube power
  • 11 editable rack effects
  • 11 editable stomp-box effects
  • Up to 5 effects simultaneously
  • Up to 400 presets with optional Sanpera II footswitch
  • Studio-quality USB computer interface
  • Studio-quality headphone output
  • Onboard chromatic tuner
  • Global reverb and delay
  • MP3/CD/Aux input

A rockin' 4x12 cab with hot-rodded tone.

The perfect complement to the Peavey Head, the all-birch ValveKing Series 412 Cab features 4 - 12" ValveKing speakers, dual input jacks, rear-mounted speakers, and 400W continuous power handling. 

  • Birch construction 
  • 16 ohms mono 
  • 4 - 12" ValveKing speakers 
  • Rear-mounted speakers 
  • 400W continuous power handling 
  • Dual input jacks

Peavey SANPERA II (II) Foot Controller

This controller features dual, assignable expression pedals with tap switches, dedicated tap tempo and looper control, as well as footswitches for accessing presets, preamp "stompbox" effects, post-amp "rack" effects, delay and reverb. The Sanpera II is housed in roadworthy and rugged cast-metal casing and features high-quality metal switches. To be used with the Vypyr series amplifiers.

Product Features

  • Two multi-function expression pedals with toe switches
  • Dedicated tap tempo capabilities
  • Looper control
  • Bank increment/decrement function
  • Swappable expression pedals
  • High-quality metal switches
  • Self-power via MIDI
  • Large LCD display
  • Pre-set select or instant on/off effects operation
  • Access almost any Vypyr™ amp function
  • 10 momentary selector buttons with LEDs
  • On-screen tuner
  • Roadworthy cast-metal housing