Mozztronics FZ-1 Classic Fuzz Pedal

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Product Overview

Groovy, its back to the future from the 1960’s

Mozztronics has re imagined the classic silicon fuzz circuits from the 1960’s. We have added our treble cut & treble boost control, and tweaked the circuit for a more usable range of control. We also added a contour switch for bright / normal response.

The end result is the Mozztronics FZ-1 silicon fuzz. We use specially selected uber high gain transistors in this beast.

FUZZ controls the amount of dirt from a nice crunch to a maximum damage ultra nasty fuzz, TONE controls the amount of treble in the output, from treble cut to treble boost, and VOLUME adjusts the overall volume out of the pedal, and there is a CONTOUR switch to select between bright and normal.

Mozztronics uses the industry standard Boss style 2.1mm center negative 9V DC socket for the power supply connection. (these do not run on 9v battery so a power supply is a must!)


Mozztronics produce a range of handmade Guitar and Bass effects pedals in Melbourne Australia.

At Mozztronics we are dedicated to keeping 9V batteries out of landfill, so we supply a suitable Australian plugpack with every pedal. By not using a 9V battery in our pedals, we have room for more electronics, and we can fit more stuff in a smaller enclosure.

Mozztronics makes a limited range of effects pedals. I see no point in making something that everyone else makes, or a clone of a famous pedal, i want to make something a little different. I also want to keep all my products as completely analogue, with absolutely no digital electronics, not even a charge pump switching power supply.

But you make a compressor, a tremolo, a solid state dirt box (expandrive) i hear you say. Well yes i do, and i try to make these different to what is on the market. My compressor uses a different approach to the Ross / Dynacomp clones that fill the market, and i also have a bright switch especially useful for guitar. My tremolo has sine & square LFO waves for modulation and while similar to others on the market, does the basic tremolo job quite well and it uses an old school opto device to get the tremolo effect, the same sort of opto device used on the classic opto compressors. My solid state dirt box (expandrive) offers treble boost and cut (instead of just a treble cut on many others) as well as adjustable asymmetry and expansion, so while similar to other products on the market, i hope to make my products different enough to offer useful advantages to the standard tube screamer & distortion + and their many clones.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review