Klotz TM Stevens FUNK MASTER Artist 6m (20ft) 1/4"-1/4"L Right Angled Instrument Lead

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6m (20ft)

Straight 1/4" - Right Angled 1/4"

Klotz T.M. Stevens Signature Bass Guitar Cable 20 ft. Signature cable from the bass player of James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson any many other top acts. Featuring straight to right gold end connectors.

A thoroughly charismatic personality on the music scene, with a breathtaking live presence that sweeps away even non-musicians - that's T. M. Stevens. KLOTZ worked with this unique bass player to develop and produce a cable built to his specifications and needs: "We worked on it for a long, long time, and came up with a really brilliant cable. People often underestimate how a cable can influence the sound as a whole", commented T.M. Stevens after developing his bass signature cable, T.M. Stevens FunkMaster. The result of the collaboration is a cable with optimum frequency transmission, plus outstanding flexibility and durability. After all, a cable not only needs to sound great, but also stand up to the wildest stage exploits like those Stevens has made his trademark.

TM Stevens, international icon of the bass community, always wanted very low capacitance of 80 pF/m, resp. 24 pF/ft, ultra-flexibility, ultra-low compression and next to no microphony.
And Klotz delivers it in the FunkMaster signature cable.

  • A high quality copper core (99.95% pure ETP copper)
  • Extra dense outer surface improves handling
  • Ultra flexible, ultra durable
  • Higher thickness dielectric for extra conductor insulation
  • Maximum transparency
  • Ultra-low cpmpression
  • Outstanding capacitance specs (80 pF/m, resp. 24 pF/ft)
  • 6 metre length

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