Kelly SHU PRO Bass Drum Microphone Internal Mount SILVER

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KELLY SHU PRO Bass Drum Microphone Mount - SILVER

If you're looking for a cleaner bass drum signal and you're willing to save some stage space while getting it, look no further than The Kelly SHU™. 
Our Pro series Kelly SHU™ kick drum microphone shock mounts have been road-tested and tour-approved by many of today's professional drummers and sound engineers.
Through their constant set-up, tear-down and travel on the road, The Kelly SHU Pro™ has reliably become a permanent part of their kick drum rigs.
Each Pro series Kelly SHU™ mount is individually machined from #303 high-grade aluminium stock, then anodized in your choice of flat black, or our clearcoat finish, which allows the natural colour of the aluminium to shine through.

The Kelly SHU Pro System includes ... 

The Kelly SHU Pro Anodized Aluminum Mounting Unit
10 Installation Adjustment Holes w/ Grommets
20 Support Cord Hooks
3.5 ft of Solid Rubber Support Cord
10 Interior Installation Loops
Universal Microphone Post w/ Standard Threads
Oversized Jam Nut
Complete Installation Instructions
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12 Month Limited Warranty