Kelly SHU FLATZ Bass Drum Shure BETA91A Microphone Internal Mount

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KELLY SHU FLATZ Bass Drum Plate Microphone Mount for Shure BETA91A 

Internal kick drum boundary microphones have always come with a challenge to keep them reliably in place inside the kick drum. Well, not anymore! Introducing The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ System. 
For convenience and sonic consistency from gig to gig, there's never been a product on the market meant to support, stabilize and isolate these popular kick drum microphones until now.
The Kelly SHU FLATZ™, pronounced "flats", is a dedicated kick drum microphone shock-mount isolation and stabilizing platform which installs in minutes with no drilling required.
The system utilizes existing tuning hardware inside the drum for attaching the included solid rubber support rings between the drum shell and the FLATZ™ mounting unit.
What you get is an isolated platform which holds your boundary microphone in place and you can leave the microphone inside the drum during transport without the worry of the microphone shifting position or damaging the interior of your drum shell.
The FLATZ™ platform gets the microphone up and off of the drum shell or dampening material, putting it closer to the sound source and opening up the response that you'll get from the microphone.

The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ Platform is made from 30% fiberglass and high-density polymer resins.
Our 3 different models of Kelly SHU FLATZ™ are each specifically designed to accomodate the most popular of boundary microphones which are used internally for kick drum amplification.
Each model has it's own set of built in features which encompass the microphone's case to hold it firmly in position.
The solid rubber support ring system is as easy to install as removing and replacing 4 hardware screws inside the drum shell.
Just install the system and insert the intended boundary microphone into the FLATZ™ platform.
Now you're ready to connect to the sound system using your current means and methods.

The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ System includes

The Kelly SHU FLATZ™ Mounting Unit
4 Solid Rubber Isolation Rings
4 Leather Installation Loops
Complete Pictorial Installation Instruction
30-day Money Back Guarantee
1-Year Limited Warranty

There are 3 models of Kelly SHU FLATZ™ System to choose from. Each different model is made specifically to support the individual microphones listed here.
When ordering, please specify which manufacturer's make and model of microphone your Kelly SHU FLATZ™ system will be supporting.


12 Month Limited Warranty