Hearos HS311 Hi-Fidelity Musicians EarPlugs

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High Fidelity HEAROS - For Small Ear Canals

If you have small ear canals, you can now rock smart with these special High Fidelity HEAROS ear plugs. Brand new for 2010, these earplugs are designed for long term use among musicians with smaller, more comfortable comfortable casings that protect your hearing!

Package contains: 2 x re-useable and washable Ear Plugs and Protective Case

Ear Plugs For Musicians

Thanks to advocacy efforts of legendary rockers like Pete Townsend, the musical community is becoming more in tune with the risks of playing or listening to music at loud, damaging levels. The short-run risk of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and long-term risk of permanent hearing loss have resulted in a surge of ear plug use by musicians during the past 10 years.

So you know, doctors now agree that prolonged exposure to loud music for several hours at 120 db-A (the intensity of sound measured at a dance club), can result in permanent hearing loss.

HEAROS Muscian Ear Plugs

To empower your love for music and protect your ears from tinnitus and deafness, HEAROS developed two unique ear plugs for musicians and musical enthusiasts. HEAROS ear plugs have become the most cost-effective approach to enjoying music without risk.

Rock Legends Use HEAROS Ear Plugs

As a testament to the quality of HEAROS ear plugs for musicians, several of the world's leading rockers use HEAROS ear plugs. Legendary guitarist, Steve Vai, and Jane's Addiction drummer, Stephen Perkins, both use HEAROS musician ear plugs. In discussing his HEAROS ear plugs, Steve Vai stated, "HEAROS are my choice for soft, effective and reliable ear protection."