ESP Artist Model Sugizo-S1 Made in Japan Pre-Owned


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Pre-Owned ESP Artist Model SUGIZO-S1 - Made in Japan

Hard to find info on this guitar, but the artist page is here:
We are unsure of the date of build, but from the Logo+lace sensor pickups it is early 90's. (These started their production in 1994, but can't tell from the serial as this will be from ESP's custom shop. The one difference to their current setup other than the logo and wood selection (Japanese artist have a strange way of doing things such as selecting quilted wood for the sound, only to get them to paint the guitar in opaque black,) would be that the early 90's are thru-neck.
Sugizo is the guitarist from the band Luna Sea: 
This is a great looking and sounding Les Paul style guitar with Neck Through, Lace Sensor pickups and a "kill-switch".
Includes a Coffin Case and Floyd Tremolo Arm.